A Letter to the Travelling Musicians


Demonstrate comprehension by writing from the point of view of Ossiri, focusing on the theme of her aspiration.


  • It is helpful to have completed the sessions ‘I Dreamed a Dream’  ‘From the Heart’ and Reduce Reuse Recycle.


Revisit the story and focus on Ossiri’s desire to become a musician. 

Read together up to page 10. Tell the children they are going to become Ossiri and write to the travelling musicians to persuade them to let her join them. 

  • What does it mean to persuade someone?
  •  How could Ossiri persuade the musicians that she should join them? 

Collate and record ideas and display them for the class to see.

Some ideas:

  • Being a musician is my heart’s desire.
  • It is my dream to become a musician.
  • I have an instrument already.
  • I practise hard all the time.
  • Not everyone likes my music, but I am sure some people would.
  • I am very determined and hard-working.

Write the letters.

They might like to begin by explaining why they want to become a musician, using some of the heart idioms generated in the earlier lesson. 

They could go on to explain how they have their own instrument, and describe making it, what it looks like and how it sounds.

They might ask for advice or help in improving their skills so they can join the band.

Encourage children working at greater depth to use dialect words.

Final reflection

Borrow an adult or older child from another class and ask them to act as the leader of the musicians, or take this role yourself. Ask the children to read their letters to the leader of the band, and see if they are persuaded to allow them to join.

How Not to be Eaten


To create a set of instructions related to Ossiri and the Bala Mengro.


  • Materials for writing.
  • Download and print the Writing Frame, if needed.


Revisit the story as needed and ask the children to think about how they would approach a Bala Mengro if they met one. Explain to them that they are going to share their knowledge and expertise about the Bala Mengro by creating a list of instructions to help others avoid being eaten.

Use the Writing Frame resource either as a guide or as a worksheet. the children need to:

  •  In the first paragraph, explain what a Bala Mengro is and why he is dangerous.
  • In the second paragraph, explain one thing a person could do to avoid being eaten. For example, keep very quiet so as not to wake him up.
  • In the third paragraph, explain another thing a person could do to keep safe. For example, if he does wake up, play music from your heart to calm him down.
  • Finally, give an example of what NOT to do. For example, don’t play on a stolen instrument to try and get money from the Bala Mengro.

Alternatively, ask the children to come up with suggestions as to how they can present their instructions.

Final reflection

Decide who would most benefit from reading these instructions. 

  • Where would they be most usefully displayed?