‘You will never be happy again…’


Making decisions about which words and syllables to place emphasis on supports the development of prosody, which is an essential component of reading fluency. Considering the way a character feels at a key moment also supports reading with expression and reading for meaning. In this lesson, focusing on the moment when the archduke curses Annabelle, slows down the reading and allows space to reflect on the emotions he feels at this moment.


  • Prepare copies of the sentence: ‘You will never be happy again!
  • Download, print and cut out emotions cards.


Re-read the pages from, ‘The archduke put on his favourite song…’ to ‘You will never be happy again!” (p28-30)

Ask the children how they think the archduke feels as he says this line.

Use the emotions cards to support discussion. The emotions cards are useful for equipping children with a vocabulary to enhance the discussion.

The children should rank them in order from the emotion that is most relevant to least relevant. Read the final sentence putting the emphasis on a different word each time, as follows:


You will never be happy again!

You will never be happy again!

You will never be happy again!

You will never be happy again!

You will never be happy again!

You will never be happy again!


  • How does changing the emphasis affect the meaning of the sentence?
  • Which version works best do you think?

Some work better than others, but there is more than one answer. The important thing is to get the children listening, thinking and explaining their thinking.

Final reflection

Re-read the story. Ask the children to listen out for the words that you place greater emphasis on.

Finish the lesson with a paired reading of the story. One child begins reading while their partner listens, follows and supports as needed.

Finally ask:

  • Do think your reading has improved?
  • In what way?


Dhruv and Rayan - Pre teach emotion cards and recognising the emotions. Practical activity