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What’s in a Title?

Considering the meaning of an unfamiliar title.

Lesson length: 20 minutes

Lesson from Greenling teaching sequence

Required reading: Front cover

A note about page numbers

This book does not have page numbers. For ease of reference, we have numbered the pages from 1 starting after the title page where the text reads 'What is this growing on Barleycorn land.'. You may like to pencil page numbers in a teacher copy for quick reference.

Text potential

  • Vocabulary: Morphology: -ling suffix
  • Vocabulary: Neologisms


  • Vocabulary: Blended Approach


Although greenling is a word (a type of fish), Levi Pinfold is using it in this book as a neologism (new word). This introductory activity carried out before the children see the book, invites them to use their word-building knowledge to conjecture what a greenling might be and what a story featuring a greenling could be about.


  • Write the word ‘duckling’ on the whiteboard.
  • List of words with the -ling suffix.
  • Paper and materials for drawing.


Write the word ‘duck on the whiteboard.

Ask for a definition.

Use the slideshow to look at how other words with the -ling suffix mean a small or young version.

Now reveal the word ‘greenling’. 

  • Imagine what a greenling could be?

Ask the children to draw the image they have in their minds for the word greenling. Remind them to think about the suffix -ling and how that might be significant.

Final reflection

When the children have had enough time, allow them to share their representations.


Key vocabulary

-ling suffix words

Subject-specific and technical vocabulary 
Academic process words 
Advanced vocabulary 
Morphological investigation 
Etymological investigation 


List of words with the -ling suffix

-ling suffix


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