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The White Foal

Learning about allegory

Lesson length: 1 session

Lesson from A Story Like the Wind series

Required reading: Pages 22-37

Text potential

  • Literary features: Allegory
  • Vocabulary: Semantic field landscape

Strategies used

  • Close Reading
  • Vocabulary: Blended Approach


In this section, Rami tells the first part of the story of the White Stallion. We learn how Suke discovers the foal beside his dead mother buried underneath a drift of snow. Against all the odds, the foal survives the night.

The initial discussion asks the children to consider whether there are any parallels between the story of the small foal and Rami’s situation. There is an opportunity to develop vocabulary, looking specifically at the words used to describe the setting.


  • Download the Mongolian Steppes slideshow.


Before reading the next section, share the Mongolian Steppes slideshow, introducing the vocabulary that the children will encounter.

  • Slide 1
  • Slide 2 Map of Mongolia – locate Mongolia using a globe or Google Earth
  • Slide 3 Mongolian Steppes – grasslands used for grazing sheep and horses
  • Slide 4 – shows horses against a mountain background. Ask the children to describe what they see. 
  • Slide 5 shows the snowy mountain peaks and the valley. There’s a yurt in the valley
  • Slide 6 shows a rocky ravine and large boulders. Running across the top is a steep slope that forms the edge of an extended area of high land. Make the point that ‘edge’ is a specific geographical term as well as having more general usage.

Read pages 22 – 37. Read aloud with the children following the text.

If you need to develop fluency, Have the children read key passages aloud to each other a second time in pairs.

Briefly share responses to the story of the white foal.

Discuss the illustrations on pages 34 – 35.

  • What do we learn about the foal from these illustrations? (Suggestions might include the foal looks playful, free, healthy, lively, proud, active.)

Consider how showing the foal in six different positions rather than a single image enhances understanding.

Final reflection


  • Can you see any connection between the story of the white foal and Rami’s present situation?

If the children don’t see any connections at this point, you can return to the question later, rather than trying to force the link.

Key vocabulary

peaks, boulders, ravines, gullies, edge, mountain, ravine, valley, Mongolia, yurt

Additional vocabulary




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