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Save Australia’s Wildlife: Fact Files

Creating a class book about Australian wildlife.

Lesson length: 1 session or 3 sessions

Lesson from Greenling teaching sequence

Text potential

  • Writing opportunities: Fact File: Wildlife fact file


Levi Pinfold’s artwork is specific in referencing the Australian wildlife in the setting for the book. Children can identify and find out about each of these creatures and create a short fact file and present their findings to the rest of the class.


  • Copies of Greenling, one between two
  • Download the ‘Can You Find? slideshow
  • Bookmark the Australian Wildlife Conservancy promotional video.
  • Download and print the Animal Fact File template.


First show the Can You Find? slideshow Using the images in the slideshow. Ask the children if they can spot each animal in Levi Pinfold’s illustrations.

Next play the Australian Wildlife Conservancy promotional video.

  • What reasons are there for a conservancy programme in Australia? (The children might pick up the uniqueness of the wildlife, the threat from feral cats. The threat from introduced species.)

Clarify feral (in this case domesticated pets that have gone wild). Clarify introduced species (animals that are not indigenous. They were introduced by settlers).

Explain that the task is to produce a book about Australian wildlife to show a wider audience what could be lost if steps are not taken to protect the animals in the wild.

Choose one bird or animal to investigate and write a fact file using a range of sources, including the internet. Agree with the class the sorts of facts that could be interesting.

Use a range of sources.

The Animal Fact File template can be used for reference but encourage the children to create their own as they may need different sized boxes.

When the children have written their fact files, they can be bound into a book and placed in the school library for other children to read.

Final reflection

  • Why do you think Levi Pinfold painted the animals in his illustrations for this book?
  • Is there any evidence that the problems the Barleycorns experience with their land has been created by settlers (a term for humans who are not indigenous)
  • What role do you think the dog plays in Levi Pinfold’s story? (In a sense the dog is also an introduced species, like the feral cats in the video. He is not feral, but he is not indigenous either.)


Key vocabulary

introduced species, feral, indigenous, settlers

Subject-specific and technical vocabulary 
Academic process words 
Advanced vocabulary 
Morphological investigation 
Etymological investigation 


Animals in Danger in Australia

Published by Capstone Global Library Ltd. Authored by Richard Spilsbury, Louise Spilsbury.

This book introduces readers to a range of endangered animals found in Australia. Readers learn basic facts about each animal, and also why the animal’s habitat is threatened. The book also considers what people can do to help, both at an international level and at the level of the readers themselves.

The Amazing Animal Atlas

Published by Flying Eye Books. Authored by Nick Crumpton, Gaia Bordicchia.

From the great winding Ganges river in India to the thick conifer forests of northern Europe, travel across the globe to discover the rich variety of animals that share our blue planet. Written by zoologist Dr. Nick Crumpton and fully illustrated throughout, this fascinating fact-filled book will be treasured for generations.

A is for Australian Animals

Published by Candlewick Press. Authored by Frane Lessac. Illustrated by Frane Lessac.

Discover thirty-eight of the weird and wonderful creatures of Down Under from the iconic kangaroo to the puzzling echidna; from the tiny crusader bug to the enormous saltwater crocodile; from the adorable quokka to the terrifying Tasmanian devil. Did you know that lyrebirds can mimic almost any sound? Or that an oblong turtle has the longest neck of any turtle in the world? Vibrant paintings and fascinating facts introduce readers to a wide array of incredible animals in this vivid celebration of the fauna that makes Australia unique.

Australian Wildlife

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Promotion video for Austrailian Wildlife Conservancy with David Attenborough

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‘Can You Find? Slideshow

Can You Find?


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