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A Green Man Collage

Creating a collage inspired by the colours of the seasons.

Lesson length: 1 session+

Lesson from A Green Man Collage teaching sequence

Text potential

  • Wider learning opportunities: Art: materials and skills
  • Wider learning opportunities: Art: techniques
  • Wider learning opportunities: Science
  • Wider learning opportunities: Science: environment
  • Wider learning opportunities: Science: plants


The children will use a range of materials to create their own collage version of Lob, as Lucy does in the story. Depending on the season you are teaching this sequence, the collages could use colours and materials inspired by that season. 


  • Resources for collage making: papers, paint, ink, scissors, marker pens, fabric, natural materials such as leaves etc.
  • Copies of Lob, at least one per pair. 


Distribute copies of the book and read aloud from pages 152-154 and 168. Ask:

  • Which materials do you think Lucy uses to create her collages? 

Give time for the children to plan their collage and collect materials. The collages could be completed collaboratively or individually. 

Display instructions to support the children with their collage making: 

Display instructions for making a collage:

  • Collect the materials needed for making a collage.
  • Fold, cut or tear the materials into different shapes. 
  • Consider adding embellishments to give the collage texture. 
  • Use a backing paper and arrange your shapes before glueing them
  • Move them around until you are happy with the picture
  • Glue the collage. Make sure you don’t use too much glue or it will seep out under the collage pieces and make your picture messy.
  • Work slowly and carefully, making sure the edges of the paper lie flat.
  • Leave the collage to dry

Final reflection

Display the completed collages with quotes from the book to accompany the artwork.


Key vocabulary


Subject-specific and technical vocabulary 
Academic process words 
Advanced vocabulary 
Morphological investigation 
Etymological investigation 


Playing With Collage

Published by Walker Books. Authored by Jeannie Baker.

A how-to guide to making your own collages, brimful of fascinating hints and tips from a master of the genre. Over the course of a 40-year career, Jeannie Baker has perfected the art of collage in the creation of picture-book classics such as Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Window, a Boston Globe-Horn Honour Book. Her stunning pieces, devised by assembling all sorts of different textures, are known all around the globe.

Whether it’s dried flowers or tiny shells, spaghetti or postage stamps, she uses the world around her to make work that is astonishingly beautiful and deeply creative. And she focuses on a range of important issues including the environment, land degradation, family, society and sustainability. In Playing with Collage, she shares her secrets at last – and encourages her readers to get creative.

Within each of this book’s four main sections, Jeannie presents an abstract collage of her own and offers suggestions and starting points for beginners. There are no right or wrong answers in this treasure of a book, it’s all about trusting your instincts … and playing!


Sam Keeley

Formerly an English Consultant for Just Imagine and the local authority, Sam now teaches a Year One and Two class in a small village school and is the English Subject Leader.

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