The White Fox

Published by Barrington Stoke Ltd. Authored by Jackie Morris.

Recommended for: Year 4.

Suggested length of study: 3 - 5 weeks.

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Sol and his father live in Seattle, miles away from Alaska, the place Sol was born. When Sol’s father tells him about the Arctic fox who has been spotted at the dockside, he is determined to find it.

Why the book was selected

The book is supportive to those still developing reading fluency but, as the text is multi-layered; the children’s life experience and levels of emotional literacy will allow them to engage with the text at a deeper level. Growing levels of emotional maturity will enable them to empathise with the main character and his situation and to reflect more deeply on the wider issues raised in the text.

About the author

From at least the age of six Jackie Morris wanted to be an artist. She watched her dad drawing a picture of a lapwing, making a bird appear on a piece of paper using only a pencil, and thought it was some magic that made this happen. So there and then she decided to learn how to conjure birds from paper and colour. At school she would get told off for drawing and dreaming. After college,she worked in magazines and books for seven years, for The New Statesman, New Socialist, Independent, Guardian and Radio Times. She also designed cards and calendars for Greenpeace and Amnesty International and fell into children’s books by accident. She moved to Wales just before starting her first children’s book, Jo’s Storm, by Caroline Pitcher and has lived in the same small cottage ever since.

A note about lessons

Our lessons are organised as meaningful chunks of learning. Most of them will fit a standard 45 minute to 60 minute session. However, some of them are shorter and others will run for a series of linked sessions. It is anticipated that you will not teach all the lessons. Select those that suit the needs of your class and add them to your personalised plans.

Text potential

Lessons for this book

Before Reading


What Would You Do?

An introductory question to explore together.


Seattle to Alaska

Building background knowledge about the setting of the story.

‘They say the eyes are the window to the soul.’

Close looking at the eyes on the front cover.

During Reading

First Encounters

The Day the Fox Came

Reading chapter one using echo reading to support fluency.

Pages 1-8

Sol Circle of Life

Using a graphic organiser to gather information about Sol from Chapter Two.

Pages 10-17


Looking at events from Sol’s dad’s point of view.

Pages 20-22

‘No one’s going to shoot your fox, boy.’

Using readers theatre to support fluency and deepen understanding of character.

Pages 27-32

Road Trip

Exploring the illustrations and the effect they have on the reader.

Pages 33-46

Coming Home

Reading to the end of the book and using a graphic organiser to make connections.

Pages 47-84

Literature Circles

Using literature circles to explore personal responses to the story.

Required reading: Whole book

Digging Deeper

Space Between (Neelands 2015)

Exploring the changing relationship between Sol and his father.

Required reading: Whole book

Investigating Vocabulary: Wild

Exploring positive and negative connotations of the word wild.

Required reading: Whole book

Releasing the Fox

Creating a scene to explore character emotions at a key moment in the story.

Pages 51-55


Investigating punctuation used to demarcate direct speech.

Required reading: 9, 50, 62, 63

After Reading

Review and Reflect

Key Quotations

Finding quotatons which reveal the themes of the story.

Required reading: Whole book

Exploring Themes

Identifying themes in The White Fox.

Required reading: Whole book

Summarising the Story

Studying the blurb and relating it to the whole story.

Required reading: Whole book

An Illustration Walk

Returning to the illustrations in the book and reflecting on what they add to the story.

Required reading: Whole book

Naming the Fox

Choosing appropriate names for the fox.

Required reading: Whole book

Writing Opportunities

The Story of the White Fox

Writing a version of the story from the point of view of the fox.

Required reading: Whole book


Using the illustrations to inspire poetry writing.

Required reading: Whole book

White Fox News Report

Writing a news report about the journey of the fox.

Required reading: Whole book

Wider Learning Opportunities

Research: Arctic Fox

Learning about the Arctic fox and its environment.

The Art of The White Fox

Using watercolours to paint a white fox.


The Eye of the Wolf

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